Book Addiction

It’s so nice having a library at your disposal… I’ve already borrowed my full quota of 12 books! Two books on fullerenes and carbon chemisry, seven astrophysics/astrochemistry books, one molecular quantum mechanics textbook, a solid state chemistry textbook and a book about the chemistry of fireworks! I think it’s safe to say that my reading material for the next 6 months is pretty well defined!

In other news, as the lecture courses are all finishing now, it’s time to get stuck into serious revision. The only two exams are in Solid State Chemistry and Astrophysical Chemistry (and they’re really all rolled into one exam anyway). I’m not overly concerned as a month to fully revise 10 credits worth of modules is ample time! From the tutorial questions I’ve seen, the few remaining gaps in my knowledge shouldn’t too difficult to fill up. I just need to get hold of some past exam papers for when I’m done writing up my notes. They’re always a true test. Frankly, to fail either of these would be horribly embarrassing. I’m not going to rest on my laurels, but I’m not looking at them as a hurdle to jump over. More, a milestone in my progress.
A milestone which, I might add, I’m fully registered for, despite being a latecomer to the university.

In other news, my bank account is now £1600 smaller. Having the tuition fees for the year come out is a big hole in my pocket. One I can manage though, and I’d much rather be all paid up for the year now so I don’t need to worry about it later.

Ah, everything’s going according to plan. Now… I believe I was saying something about writing up some notes…

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