Practice makes perfect!

I’ve written so much recently, my knuckles are really quite sore! They’ll get better once they get used to writing so much. I guess 4 years of mostly typing has it’s repercussions. My notes are now mostly up to date though, which is definitely good! In handouts, printouts and handwritten notes, I’m now totally up to date with Astrophysical Chemistry, Solid State Materials, and Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy. Writing them up properly shouldn’t be particularly arduous either. In the meantime, I’ve been reading up (and writing down) all about young stellar objects and associated phenomena. Elias 1 is a complicated system, and there’s lots to consider. I figure it’s best to know anything that might be worth knowing. As a result, I have a silly number of books out from the library, and even faced the terrifying mountain of bound paper that is the Journal of Chemical Physics! Seriously, it’s possibly the most intimidating shelf in the whole library…

In other news, it’s beginning to become apparent from the recent seminars that there aren’t many people in the astronomy department working on a stellar scale. Everyone studies galaxies! Everyone! The ones who don’t study galaxies study things even larger. Even in my own department, Alé and Keith are both working around nebulae (certainly the most interesting things about, chemically speaking). By contrast, stars actually seem quite small. Who’d have thought? This certainly isn’t a bad thing though. As well as giving me a nice little niche to work in, it also means that I’ll get to learn all sorts of interesting things at a galactic scale.

The only downside is that I don’t have quite so many people to babble at about stars…

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