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Oooo shiny! Wait…

The internet is all abuzz with talk of the strange shiny object that Curiosity’s found on Mars. Yep, 183.7 million miles away at the time I write this, and it’s still as easily distracted by a shiny object as I … Continue reading

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Now leaving the Solar System…?

There was an interesting tweet from the UK Space Agency yesterday… I have to agree. While it’s difficult to say exactly where the boundary of the solar system lies, it’s certainly true that the cosmic rays which Voyager’s reading seem … Continue reading

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LEGO space travellers!

It’s been a bit over a year since NASA’s Juno probe departed for Jupiter. After blasting off from Cape Canaveral on August 5, 2011, Juno is a fairly well travelled spacecraft by now. But it’s not en route to Jupiter … Continue reading

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• – – – / • – – • / • – • •

Probably the coolest random fact about Curiosity – Its tyre tracks spell out JPL in morse code! In Morse code: J → • – – – P → • – – • L → • – • • If that isn’t … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mars!

The Curiosity rover has officially landed on the surface of Mars, and it has opened its eyes for the first time to the frigid warmth of the martian afternoon sun. Humanity is back on Mars, and we’re there with our … Continue reading

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Curiosity killed the lack of knowledge

I can guarantee you that there are a lot of very tense NASA scientists out there this weekend. The reason being that at 05:31 UTC on August 6 (about half past 6 in the morning here in the UK), the … Continue reading

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This slightly alien looking little yellow guy is Wakamaru. Remember a little while back when I was writing about Asimo and musing on robots coexisting with humans? Well apparently they already do. Kind of. Wakamaru here is manufactured by Mitsubishi, … Continue reading

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Dancing Robots!

So ok, dancing robots? That’s always a good way to reel me in. That has awesomeness written all over it. But it gets better – you see, unlike other robotic dance routines you may have seen before, these aren’t pre-programmed. … Continue reading

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If there’s one place in the world where robots are likely to be able to coexist with humans in the forseeable future, it has to be Japan. I have a kind of awestruck admiration for the Japanese love of technology. … Continue reading

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How curious!

In other news, there are now less than 100 days until the Curiosity rover lands on Mars. About the size of an SUV and weighing in at about a ton, Curiosity is the most technologically advanced piece of machinery ever … Continue reading

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