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Spaceflight Aesthetics

One thing which I’ve always admired about NASA is their attention to aesthetics. They pay good attention to graphic design – as well they should, given that many of their major achievements have gone down in history. And let’s face … Continue reading

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Ammonia-Based Life?

While I was perusing some Wikimedia Commons images to find an illustration for an article, I stumbled across this gorgeous concept image, created by Wikimedia user lttiz. This is an impressively well thought out depiction of a world dominated by … Continue reading

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Rainbow string

Anyone who knows me will know that I just love that intersection where science and art meet. And things like this are precisely why! Paul Friedlander, one of those delightful rare individuals who’s both a physicist and an artist, put … Continue reading

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Discovered courtesy of the quite marvellous Astropixie, is this rather soothing little video. Entitled “Stardust”, it’s four minutes of fantastically manipulated NASA imagery. Do yourself a favour and take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy it in … Continue reading

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Starry starry night

Living in the middle of a city is something which I frequently lament. As much as I do like city life, and would like to live in a much larger city one day soon, you can’t help but feel somewhat … Continue reading

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Fun with x-rays!

I really love the people who run the Chandra X-Ray observatory. They really do manage to make x-rays fun – and that’s a phrase which I’m sure most people would never have expected to hear. The latest thing I’ve discovered? … Continue reading

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❝ Amid the vastness of the things among which we live, the existence of nothingness holds the first place.❞ Leonardo da Vinci

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One single image to explain the shape of the field lines around a bar magnet. I don’t think any further comment is necessary here!

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Keep writing if moon dust clogs the gears and coats your clothes and is the grit covering your words brush it away keep writing. – Astropoetry courtesy of Tychogirl Words to live by.

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The eternally starry skies of star cluster planets

Our sun sits in a rather lonely part of the Milky Way. Here in our quiet little home in a mundane part of the Orion Spur, a tiny offshoot from one of the galaxy’s spiral arms, we have few neighbours. … Continue reading

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